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Schedules: ISDA provides regularly scheduled exam dates in the five regional locations of the state listed above. Exam dates are tentative. Individuals wishing to take an exam(s) are required to register, at least, 24 hours prior to the testing session by contacting one of the area ISDA investigators. Note, if no calls are received, the exam session may be cancelled. Contact information and exam dates are listed by region above.


Fees: Examination fees are $10.00 per exam, per session. If an individual does not pass the test, payment is still due. While an individual may receive a pass or fail notification, the examination score will NOT be released until the fee(s) have been paid. (ISDA will not give scores to companies regardless of who paid for the exam). Private Applicators and government agency employees are exempt from paying examination fees.


Payment: Exam payment forms will be given after an exam has been taken. All fees shall be sent to ISDA, Ag Resources, P O Box 7723, Boise, ID 83707 or emailed to the ISDA License staff in Boise. No fees are accepted at the examination session locations. Unscheduled examinations may be made by appointment only, and charged an additional administrative fee of $5.00 per examination to the normal fee.


Waiting Periods: The minimum waiting period of one week is required before an applicant may retake an examination.