Field Inspection, Export & Phytosanitary Certification

ISDA conducts field inspection on a wide variety of crops each year. Inspection applications are handled out of the Boise office for western Idaho northward to the Canadian border, and out of the Twin Falls office for all of eastern Idaho. Field inspection is mainly used for export certification purposes. However, all bean seed crops planted in Idaho must be field inspected.

Corn stalks with one ear of corn showing


  Map Application System

To apply for a MAPS username and password please contact our Field Services Office at:

208-332-8650 (Treasure Valley) or 
208-736-2195 (Magic Valley).

M AP S Instruction Manual

“Blue Book”

Field Inspection Manual

“Pink Book”


Phytosanitary Certification facilitates export of agricultural products and may be required to meet the requirements of an importing county or state. At the request of industry the ISDA inspects shipments and issues phytosanitary certificates for both foreign and state importing markets. To obtain a Phytosanitary Certificate (phyto), each shipment must be inspected and an application must be submitted. Additionally you may need a field inspection, official treatment, and/or official sampling and lab testing performed in order to meet the entry requirements of the importing county or state.

International & Domestic Phytosanitary Certification Manual

“Green Book”