If you are concerned about dead wildlife, contact the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (Nampa 208-465-8465, McCall 208-634-8137)

If you are concerned about dead pets along a highway or other roadway, contact your local county highway department.

Through IDAPA 02.04.17 “Rules Governing Dead Animal Movement and Disposal,” ISDA is the regulatory agency for disposal of domestic dead animals. All dead livestock, and any parts or pieces of such animals, must be properly disposed of within 72 hours after knowledge of death. There are several approved methods for disposal, including contacting a licensed rendering facility for pickup, taking to an approved landfill, and burial. Most other methods require pre-approval from ISDA.

If burial is chosen, the site must meet the following requirements:

  • Depth of at least 3 feet;
  • At least 300 feet from wells, surface water intake structures, and drinking water supply lakes or springs;
  • At least 300 feet from any residences;
  • At least 50 feet from property lines;
  • At least 100 feet from public roadways;
  • At least 200 feet from any body of surface water (lake, river, stream, pond, etc.); and
  • Not located in a low-lying area which may flood or in areas with a high water table where seasonal high water may contact the burial pit.
  • Livestock Carcass Composting Best Practices

If you are concerned about dead livestock not meeting the above requirements, please file a complaint.

Rendering Plants Rendering plants in Idaho are regulated through Title 25, Chapter 32, Idaho Code, “Rendering Establishments.” They are inspected by livestock investigators and renewed annually. They must submit their $25.00 renewal fee prior to their next renewal. New facilities must also include a completed application. If you need an inspection or have questions, please contact us.

Currently there are three approved rendering facilities in Idaho:

Darling International Inc #104
Kuna, ID 83634
(208) 344-8318  

Deads Inc. #105 Paul Blake
Boise, ID 83713
(208) 284-9488

Rocky Mountain Pet Burial #110
Parma, ID 83660
(208) 631-0279

Dead Wildlife

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game may be able to assist with removal of dead wildlife.


The Department of Environmental Quality regulates landfills.