ISDA’s “Rules Governing the Importation of Animals” has detailed requirement information. Use this information as a general guide and contact us if you have questions.
White Bichon Frise Looking out the rear side window of a silver vehicle with its tongue out. Road and greenery in the background.

Household Pets

Dogs, cats, small furries, ferrets, reptiles & amphibians, pet birds and other small animals.

Beef or dairy, rodeo or show, we have what you need to know.

Horses, ponies, asses, mules and zebras plus their camelid companions.

Animals generally found living in nature, zoo animals and other unique species.

Rules, links and documents related to pasture-to-pasture or commuter permits.

Sheep and goat movement is regulated by the Idaho Sheep and Goat Health Board.

Poultry, gamebirds, raptors and ratities.

This little piggy went to market, but did it meet the requirements?

Aquatic species have import requirements too!

Elk, fallow deer and reindeer that are owned by a person.

Helpful links for when you send an animal to another state.

 ISDA system for veterinarians to obtain animal entry permits.

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