Equine & Camelid Imports

Other than slaughter animals to an approved equine feedlot and states with current Vesicular Stomatitis quarantines, entry permits are not typically required for equines or camelids.
All Equines (including zebras) require:

All Camelids (llamas, alpacas, camels) require:

  • CVI with the full physical address of the destination.
Idaho also has a grazing permit program, with agreements between Idaho and seven (7) western states to allow established cattle breeding herds to commute and graze between states with slightly different requirements. If you would like to include working horses with your grazing herd through this program, please see the grazing permit information or contact us.
*Entry Permits are not required when using an approved electronic CVI form. The only approved eCVI forms are those from GlobalVetLink, State of Oregon, Washington OVIS, Vet Sentry, Sale Time, Mi-Corporation, myVetTech, Acclaim Systems VET CVI and State of Texas. If you are not using one of these forms, normal permit requirements still apply. Please note VSPS is NOT an approved eCVI system.
Horse owners who would like an Extended Equine Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (EECVI) will need to utilize the services of a veterinarian with access to the GlobalVetLink (GVL) system. Valid EECVIs require owners to log-on and enter destination information prior to each trip in order to obtain legal movement documents. While electronic EECVIs are accepted by many states throughout the country, not all states participate in this program. You will need to check with your states of origin and destination to ensure the document is valid for your anticipated movement(s).

Livestock Import Brochure

A summary of all large animal import requirements.

 GlobalVetLink information on EECVIs and which states accept them.

If you have questions regarding brand inspections for animals entering Idaho, contact the Idaho Brand Board at (208) 884-7070.