Cervidae Import Procedure

The consignor must first complete the Idaho Domestic Cervidae Import Application and forward to the governing agency in the consignor’s state or province. The governing agency will then validate all information, compile the necessary herd records and forward the information to the ISDA Division of Animal Industries. The consignor should only move forward with the required testing and treatment once the herd has been approved for import. A preliminary copy of the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) and testing documents must be submitted to ISDA for review. A unique import permit number will be issued to the accredited veterinarian once approved. For questions regarding the import procedure or requirements, please email or call Emily Courter.
Import Requirements
  • All domestic cervidae must originate from a herd that has been actively participating in the National Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Herd Certification Program for at least sixty (60) months and have a certified CWD free status issued by the animal health official from the state of origin.
  • All domestic cervidae must be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) verifying that they have been inspected within 30 days prior to the date of shipment.
  • All cervidae imports require an import permit number issued by the Division of Animal Industries.
  • Each animal imported must have two (2) forms of official identification, and the official identification must be listed on the CVI.
  • All animals originating east of the 100th meridian must receive an anthelminthic, approved for the treatment of P. Tenuis, within 180 days prior to import (unless the cervids are consigned directly to an approved slaughter establishment). Treatment must be documented on the CVI.
  • All cervidae six (6) months of age or older originating from a brucellosis surveillance area or high risk area must have two negative brucellosis tests from a single blood sample within 30 days prior to entry. Cervidae originating from outside the US must meet USDA brucellosis importation requirements. Please contact the Division of Animal Industries for questions regarding Brucellosis certified free herds and Brucellosis class free states.
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USDA Cervid Health Program

Information on the cervid health program under USDA.