What is tuberculosis?
Tuberculosis (TB) is a chronic disease which can be caused by mycobacterium bovis or mycobacterium tuberculosis.
How is TB transmitted?
TB is transmitted through both unpasteurized milk and respiratory secretions (coughing, sneezing, etc).
What are the signs of infection?
Symptoms are respiratory in nature and include coughing, sneezing and difficulty breathing along with weight loss.

Can TB infect humans?
Yes. If you have concerns about possible exposure contact your primary care physician. Raw milk, which hasn’t gone through the pasteurization process to destroy bacteria, retains the possibility of transmission.
What can I do to prevent TB in my herd/flock?
Buy animals from known sources.  If you are purchasing animals from out of state, ensure that they meet the import requirements.

What are the TB testing requirements?
Animals residing in Idaho have no annual testing requirements but, as per IDAPA 02.04.24 “Rules Governing Tuberculosis,” Animal Industries can require testing at any time.  Cattle being imported into Idaho require TB testing if they are: intact dairy cattle 6 months of age and older, being or have been used for any rodeo or timed event, or from a state that is not classified as TB free. Additionally, producers who participate in the ISDA Raw Milk Program are required to have their animals tested annually. Cervidae purchased in-state and out-of-state require a TB test prior to change of ownership.

Who do I contact for TB testing?
Contact your veterinarian – TB tests can only be done by USDA accredited veterinarians.  If they have a suspect result, they are required to contact USDA or Animal Industries to coordinate the mandatory additional testing.
What will testing cost me?
Contact your veterinarian for their TB testing rates.
Can I vaccinate my animals?
There is no vaccination available for TB.
What do I do if my herd is positive?
Contact USDA at (208) 373-1620.  They will instruct you on procedures for positive herds.

Tuberculosis is a reportable disease in Idaho.

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ISDA’s main role in domestic cervidae farm regulation is to ensure animal health through testing provisions and other oversight, including import surveillance, inventory verification and facility inspections.