The Division of Animal Industries is responsible for regulatory animal disease control and prevention programs through the inspection and investigation of livestock and livestock facilities, and the regulation of intrastate, interstate, and international movement of animals. While animals can all be affected by a variety of diseases, we’ve provided information on the most commonly identified, tested and/or vaccinated for in the state. Disease testing and vaccination can help protect the health of all animals within the state of Idaho. Additional measures that can be taken to assist with everyday animal health management are found in the Biosecurity Resources.

Mixed of bacteria colonies and fungus in various petri dish

Reportable & Notifiable

Diseases that must be brought to the attention of ISDA in a short timeframe.


Cattle, Cervidae, Goats, Sheep and Swine can all be affected by brucellosis.


A disease that can infect all types of livestock.

Although only bulls are tested regularly, females can carry trich as well.

A contagious and fatal neurologic disease.

Affecting Equines, Camelids and Bird species.

An influenza virus found in both captive and wild birds.

Cattle, Cervidae, Goats and Sheep can all be affected by Tuberculosis.

Most commonly associated with dogs and cats, other animals are suceptible too.

The biggest concerns come from avian species and pet turtles.

A highly contagious and fatal disease found in rabbits.

A blood-borne virus that affects equines – there is no treatment available.

A neurologic disease of equines.

A degenerative disease affecting the central nervous system of sheep and goats.

Information on additional animal diseases.

Information to assist producers in protecting their animals and themselves.

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