Avian Influenza Resources

Latest Update
This information is updated as new cases are identified. 
Contact information:

Media Inquiries
Email or call 208-332-8507

Domestic/Farm Birds
Report sick or dead domestic birds on the Avian Influenza Screen or call 208-332-8540

Wild Birds
Report dead wild birds to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Avian Influenza Cases

ConfirmedCountyProductionBirds Affected
5/20/2024JeromeBackyard Producer (poultry)80
5/10/2024JeromeBackyard Producer (non-poultry)19
5/10/2024JeromeBackyard Producer (poultry)1100
5/6/24CassiaBackyard Producer (non-poultry)600
4/25/24CassiaBackyard Producer (non-poultry)35
2/12/24Twin FallsBackyard Producer (non-poultry)10
2/8/2024OwyheeBackyard Producer (non-poultry)9
12/15/23LatahBackyard Producer (poultry)200
12/1/2023CanyonBackyard Producer (non-poultry)17
11/13/2023BonnevilleBackyard Producer (non-poultry)50
10/4/23CanyonBackyard Producer70
4/17/23BonnevilleBackyard Producer (non-poultry)36

The terms poultry and non-poultry in the context of reporting HPAI results refers to the World Organization for Animal Health definition for country reporting/trade purposes. The U.S. Department of Agriculture uses the definition for HPAI detections. Poultry is defined as all domesticated birds, including backyard poultry, used for the production of meat or eggs for consumption (this includes selling or giving away meat or eggs). Birds (including chickens) that are kept in captivity reasons other than as defined above (including those that are kept for shows, competitions,  breeding, or as pets) are not considered to be poultry.

For Bird Owners

HPAI information for bird owners within Idaho.

HPAI-specific information about biosecurity.

Summary of previous incident response, expectations and goals.

Concerned your flock may be infected? Complete this form and ISDA will contact you if needed.

Contact IDFG for concerns about AI in wild bird populations.


Recommendations from ISDA for bird exhibition planners and exhibitors.