Avian Imports

“Poultry” includes chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, pigeons, pheasants, domesticated fowl, waterfowl, and gamebirds (pheasants, partridge, quail, grouse, and guineas).

Pet birds which are being imported into Idaho must have:

  • CVI with the full physical address of the destination.

Note: Monk Parakeets (also called Quaker Parrots) are considered Invasive Species.  If allowed into the state, there may be additional requirements.  Contact ISDA at (877) 336-8676 before sending them into Idaho.

“Ratites” include ostrich, emu, rhea, and cassowaries.

  • CVI with the full physical address of the destination and negative Salmonella pullorum-typhoid within the past 30 days OR originate from an NPIP flock with a valid VS 9-3.
  • Ratites being imported into an approved feedlot to be fed for slaughter are exempt from NPIP requirements. These birds require an entry permit or approved eCVI.

“Wildlife” includes any animal generally living in a state of nature. The most common birds to fall under this category are raptors (birds of prey).

Note: Mute Swans are considered Deleterious Exotic Animals.  If allowed into the state, these animals may have additional requirements.  Contact ISDA before sending them into Idaho.

Hatching Eggs “Hatching Eggs” are eggs which are fertilized.  They must be accompanied by the following:
  • If they DO originate from an NPIP flock they must have a valid VS 9-3
  • If they DO NOT originate from an NPIP flock they must come from a flock that has a negative Salmonella pullorum-typhoid within the past 30 days.
*Entry Permits are not required when using an approved electronic CVI form. The only approved eCVI forms are those from GlobalVetLink, State of Oregon, Washington OVIS, Vet Sentry, Sale Time, Mi-Corporation, myVetTech, Acclaim Systems VET CVI and State of Texas. If you are not using one of these forms, normal permit requirements still apply. Please note VSPS is NOT an approved eCVI system.

Companion Animal Import Brochure

A summary of all companion animal import requirements.


ISDA system for veterinarians to obtain animal entry permits.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game Classification of Wildlife information.

A state-federal cooperative program for testing and certification of poultry flocks.


Idaho Invasive Species – Bird information.