Sheep & Goat Imports

Sheep and goats being imported into Idaho are regulated by the Idaho Sheep and Goat Health Board (ISGHB). Entry permits can be obtained through our online permit system or by contacting the ISGHB at 208-803-5084.

*Entry Permits are not required when using an approved electronic CVI form. The only approved eCVI forms are those from GlobalVetLink, State of Oregon, Washington OVIS, Vet Sentry, Sale Time, Mi-Corporation, myVetTech, Acclaim Systems VET CVI and State of Texas. If you are not using one of these forms, normal permit requirements still apply. Please note VSPS is NOT an approved eCVI system.

Idaho Sheep & Goat Health Board

The Idaho Sheep & Goat Health Board

Information on the scrapie program and how to get a Flock Identification number.


ISDA system for veterinarians to obtain animal entry permits.