Grazing Permits

Grazing (also called Pasture-to Pasture-or Commuter) permits are issued jointly by Idaho and selected states to facilitate the movement of established cattle herds for seasonal grazing purposes. These permits are available for established herds moving to/from California, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, or Wyoming. Grazing permits are valid for one season, typically no more than 6 months, and producers must apply annually.

Producers with established breeding herds can benefit from the grazing permit program allowing them to leave and return to their home state with only one Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) and adjusted testing requirements. Animals moving on a grazing permit must return to their point of origin; they cannot be sold while on a grazing permit. Prior to requesting a grazing permit, producers should ensure that all herd bulls have had a negative PCR test for trichomoniasis (trich) during the current season. If you are leaving or entering the Designated Surveillance Area (DSA) in Idaho, Montana or Wyoming between January 1 and June 15, brucellosis testing is also required. Current season trich test charts and brucellosis test charts (or a copy of your herd plan) must be submitted with your grazing permit application.

When requesting a grazing permit, a permit form from the originating state must be completed and submitted to the state of origin along with all required testing paperwork. You may include EIA-negative working horses on your grazing permit, however, if they are going to Nevada or California you will also need to complete a Working Horse Permit. Once approved by the originating state, the permit and testing paperwork are then forwarded to the destination state for approval. Because both states must approve a permit prior to movement, a grazing permit must be requested at least 15 days in advance of anticipated movement.

After receiving your approved grazing permit, you will also need a CVI before your initial movement. The CVI must be completed by your veterinarian in accordance with the import requirements for cattle (and horses if you have working horses included on your permit application). Please review the ADT identification requirements to ensure your CVI lists the appropriate identification for your herd. The grazing permit number issued by the destination state, typically found near the bottom right of page 2, is the entry permit number for the CVI.

If you have any questions about grazing permits, please contact us.

Please see one of the following links if your animals are originating outside of Idaho:
A small herd of black cattle grazing in a green pasture. The sun is shining and leaving a haze over the scene. In the distance are trees, a small building and a small silo.

Idaho Grazing Permit Application

Application form to complete for animals leaving Idaho.

Information on the designated surveillance area for brucellosis in Idaho.