Mission Statement

The Seed Laboratory’s primary objective is to provide every client with the highest quality of work with the most accurate results in a timely manner. The Seed Laboratory provides timely and accurate analysis of seed quality in germination, purity, and tetrazolium testing.

 In addition, the Seed Laboratory supports enforcement of the Idaho Pure Seed Law.

The Seed Laboratory is the only Association of Official Seed Analyst (AOSA) seed testing laboratory in Idaho.

The Seed Laboratory is also a USDA Accredited Seed Laboratory.

USDA Process Verified Shield, Accredited Seed Lab Certification

Laboratory Testing Backlog

This data is current as of June 14, 2024.
Currently working on purity samples received on:
Rush: June 13, 2024Non-Rush: June 13, 2024
Currently working on germination samples received on:
Rush: June 14, 2024Non-Rush: June 14, 2024
Currently working on TZ samples received on:
Rush: June 14, 2024Non-Rush: June 14, 2024

When a sample is submitted as a “Rush” it enters the Rush Que, meaning Rush Samples will be tested in the order received.

Current germination, purity and TZ testing fees based on seed type. Also, special test fees and hourly rates.

Required sample submission weights for different seed types and desired tests. Amount of seed required based on AOSA and ISTA rules.

Idaho State rules and law pertaining to seed production, movement, and sales.

Information regarding seed dealer licensing and who is required to obtain an Idaho Seed Dealer License.

Licensing portal for application of a new, renewal of an existing, or exemption from an Idaho Seed Dealer License.

External resources regarding the testing of seeds.

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2240 Kellogg Lane, Boise, Idaho 83712

Open Monday through Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Closed on State Holidays

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