Feed and Fertilizer Lab:


Located at 1180 Washington St N, Twin Falls, ID.


Feed and Fertilizer Laboratory Mission Statement

The Feed and Fertilizer Laboratory’s mission is to support Idaho agriculture:

  • The lab is a regulatory lab that offers formal quality assurance testing for commercial feed, fertilizer, and soil & plant amendments ensuring the truth in labeling and detection of harmful deleterious material.
  • The laboratory utilizes guidelines set by the State of Idaho, AAFCO, and AAPFCO.
  • The laboratory is supplied samples by Idaho State Department of Agricultures (ISDA) Agricultural Investigators from all regions of the state.
  • All reported data is of the highest quality possible, and suitable of regulatory and legal use.
  • The advanced laboratory facility is staffed with experienced professionals, modern equipment, and information technology systems.
  • The laboratory records of laboratory tests results are subject to any Idaho Public Records Law requests.
  • The laboratory participates in check sample programs both in feed and fertilizer. 


Feed and Fertilizer Laboratory Capabilities:

Feed: Protein, Fat, Fiber, Ash, Moisture, Mineral Screen, Antibiotic Tests, Vitamin A and Contaminant testing. Contaminant testing may include heavy metals, prohibited ruminant material, mycotoxins, and noxious weed seed.

Fertilizer: Total Nitrogen, Available Phosphate, Available Potash, Sulfur (Elemental and Combined), Mineral Screen, and Heavy metals.


The Feed and Fertilizer Laboratory only accepts regulatory inspector submitted samples.


Please see Service Sample Testing Update for more information.