The Idaho State Seed Lab offers germination, tetrazolium, purity, noxious weed, cold and other special tests for over 200 different crops. Field beans, alfalfa, garden beans, wheat, barley, Kentucky bluegrass, garden peas, sweet corn, rapeseed/canola, and onion represent approximately 80% of the service seed samples tested annually.


The Seed Lab receives service seed samples from Idaho and 9 other western states. Approximately 93% of service seed samples received are from Idaho seed companies.


Seeds for the domestic seed markets are tested according to AOSA procedures. Seeds for the Canadian markets are tested according to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada procedures. Seeds for the other foreign markets are tested according to International Seed Testing Association procedures.


The Seed Lab is the only Association of Official Seed Analyst (AOSA) seed testing laboratory in Idaho. In addition, the Seed Lab supports enforcement of the Idaho Pure Seed Law.