Farmers Markets Kick-Off 2019 Season

Friday May 3, 2019

Boise, Idaho – The Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) is marking the beginning of the 2019 farmers market season. Idaho’s farmers markets continue to be a popular location for purchasing local food and agriculture products including fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, honey and more. Farmers markets are an excellent source of quality, local products, and these venues truly showcase the bounty of Idaho agriculture. There are 45 farmers markets throughout the state spanning northern Idaho to eastern Idaho and many places in between.

“Farmers markets continue to be an important part of many communities in Idaho and provide access to locally grown food,” says Skylar Jett, ISDA Trade Specialist. “They provide a venue for the community to come together to support Idaho’s farmers and producers as well as the local economy”.

To help consumers find information about farmers markets in their area, the ISDA, in collaboration with the Idaho Farmers Market Association, releases the annual Idaho Farmers Market Directory. The newest version of the guide is currently available online at The 2019 guide is also distributed to Idaho Visitor’s Centers, local chambers of commerce and all Idaho farmers markets.

Later this summer, Idaho Farmers Market Week will be recognized in conjunction with National Farmers Market Week from August 4 – 10. Farmers markets will host a variety of events throughout the week. More information on Idaho Farmers Market Week will be available in the coming months at