Buyers from Taiwan Met with Idaho Producers

Monday August 19, 2019

In August, a buying delegation from Taiwan came to Idaho looking for new and innovative products.  Pre-qualified and serious buyers WUSATA Taiwan 2019 Inbound group photofrom six Taiwanese companies made the trip to learn more about Idaho’s agricultural offerings.

The group met with Idaho purveyors of pet products, beer, wine, grains, onions, fruit, and, of course, potatoes.  They learned about production methods and best practices which are important considerations in their markets.

Buyers from Taiwan continue to seek out safe, healthy, and unique items for their customers.  Products from the United States are known for their high quality, and Idaho’s strong relationship with Taiwan creates excellent opportunities for exports. 

These inbound buying groups strengthen current relationships and cultivate new ones. The Idaho companies that participated anticipate making exports sales because of this inbound from Taiwan.

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