Nursery, Landscape and Floral Research/Education – Call for 2020 Proposals

Wednesday August 14, 2019

Each year, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture Nursery and Florist Advisory Committee (ISDA), in cooperation with the Idaho Nursery & Landscape Association, awards financial grants to support research/education efforts that would benefit the Idaho nursery, landscape, and floral industry. These grants are primarily funded by the nursery industry itself through the collection of a Nursery Research Assessment Fee collected by the ISDA from each nursery license issued. Proposals are now being sought for the 2020 project year. Proposals must be sent via e-mail or postmarked on or before October 15, 2019.

All research/education proposals should be for a one-year duration only.

A brief written mid-year report and a detailed final report setting forth the research/education results are required as part of the grant process. These written reports must follow specific guidelines, which are available at the above-mentioned website.

Funding for all approved projects is provided in the following allotments: 50% paid upon project approval and 50% paid upon receipt and approval of the final report. For approved projects totaling less than $5,000.00, funding will be paid upon project approval.

Research/education project proposals are reviewed, evaluated and prioritized by the members of the Idaho Nursery and Florists Advisory Committee, which consists of representatives from the nursery and floral industry, the University of Idaho, and ISDA. Final approval and grant awards will be made by the Committee in January of 2020.

While all submissions are encouraged, the Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association Research Committee have compiled the following list of suggested research topics that would benefit the Idaho Nursery, Landscape, and Florist industry.

INLA Recommendations for 2020 Grant Projects

  • Grower practices and regimens that would increase winter hardiness in woody
    plants. This could include a study of overwintering containerized nursery stock and
    establishing a database to determine low-temperature tolerances for the root
    zones of various species.
  • White Pine weevil
  • Western Spruce Budworm
  • Tussock Moth – residential
  • Newest tools for Diagnosing Plant Problems
  • The newest technology for watering practices for healthy plants
  • Effectiveness of organic/natural pesticides (including but not limited to
    herbicides insecticides and fungicides) for the Pacific Northwest
  • Effectiveness of organic/natural fertilizers for the Pacific Northwest

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