Commercial devices are used to buy or sell, or to determine an award. These devices must be licensed annually. Licenses must be displayed or easily accessible at the device location. Scales/Meters placed-in-service must be reported to ISDA Weights and Measures within 30 days.

Licenses are valid annually from February 1st – January 31st.

Invoices are mailed the 1st week in January.  Fees are due by January 31st.

Fees are not pro-rated for partial year licensing.

A50lb capacity or less$6.00
B51-1,159lb capacity$12.00
C1,160-7,499lb capacity$24.00
D7,500-59,999lb capacity$100.00
E60,000-99,999lb capacity$100.00
F100,000+ lb capacity$100.00

Capacity is the manufacturer’s rated capacity.

G20 gpm or less$6.00
H31 – 150 gpm$33.00
I151+ gpm$40.00
JLPG dispenser$40.00
KLPG temperature compensated$60.00
LLPG truck temperature compensated$60.00
MCordage meter$5.00
NNatural gas motor fuel device$60.00
OBulk oil$35.00
T21-30 gpm or fuel additive meters$10.00

We inspect legal-for-trade non-commercial devices on request. Cost is actual costs incurred in travel and testing (at least 3 times the license fee or more depending on mileage).

Known, functional scales no longer used commercially must have a signed Non-Commercial affidavit. Forms are available from, and signed in the presence of, the local ISDA Weights and Measures inspector.

All device licenses expire on January 31st each year.

  • 30 days past due, devices are placed into rejected status.
  • 45 days past due, the business forfeits the right to use the device for commercial purposes.

Devices rejected for tolerance or function have 30 days to be repaired.

Is the license fee pro-rated for limited use?

No. A device used to buy or sell, even between two private parties, is a commercial device and must be licensed. Commercial scales used even 1 time per year must be licensed and inspected.

How are fuel pump devices counted?

Each fuel grade on each side of an island is counted as 1 device.

Will the Registered Service Company test substitute for the ISDA W&M test?

No.  Title 71-117 Idaho Code requires commercially used devices to have a State Seal to show they have been approved for use.  A Registered Serviceman has the authority to place into service new equipment or rejected equipment that has been repaired until this equipment can be inspected and tested by ISDA Weights and Measures.