Weighing/measuring devices used for commercial purposes are required to be licensed annually.

Maintains standards of mass and volume; recognized by NIST; calibration services for Echelon II & Echelon III.

Individuals who install, service, or repair commercial scales or meters may voluntarily apply to become a registered serviceman in Idaho.

 Any person acting as a public weighmaster of grains, dry peas, potato starch, dry beans, leguminous, and all small seeds, hay, wool, bulk potatoes, bulk fertilizers, sugar beets, and feeds are required to follow the weighmaster statute.

Accuracy and suitability of commercial weighing & metering devices; correct net contents labeling of packaged products by weight, volume, or count; investigation of short delivery or misleading advertising; and octane label monitoring.

All commercial weighing, metering, and measuring devices are governed by the laws and administrative rules of the State of Idaho.

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