Approved Feedlots & Rodeo Bull Lots

Approved feedlots are facilities approved under IDAPA 02.04.20 “Rules Governing Brucellosis” to feed females that are not vaccinated for brucellosis and other non-qualified cattle. Approved feedlots are not intended to contain breeding cattle and animals leaving an approved feedlot typically go to slaughter – either in Idaho or out of state. Record retention is a key part of being an approved feedlot. These facilities must maintain records for at least one year after animals are removed. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in the loss of approved status.
Rodeo Bull Lots are facilities which have been approved under IDAPA 02.04.29 “Rules Governing Trichomoniasis” to confine bulls which have not been tested for trichomoniasis (trich) and are going to be used solely for rodeo purposes. These bulls are not allowed to co-mingle with female cattle, however, they may be removed for breeding after 3 negative trich PCR tests.
Idaho has over 100 approved feedlots and rodeo bull lots which renew every year on or after September 1st. Existing facilities are sent renewal packets every August and require a current inspection from one of our Livestock Investigators prior to renewal. These packets include the pertinent sections of IDAPA 02.04.20 or IDAPA 02.04.29 as well as an approved feedlot application or rodeo bull lot application which needs to be completed in full. Producers can opt to allow their facility information to be included on our website; a list of these facilities is available below. This is not a complete list, however, a complete list or status verification can be obtained by contacting us.  If you want your facility to be a new approved feedlot or rodeo bull lot, first complete and submit your application to ISDA. Once your application is received, the area inspector will contact you to schedule an inspection.

Cattle importation requirements are different for animals entering an approved feedlot. All animals still require a CVI (Certificate of Veterinary Inspection) and must meet individual identification requirements. A few approved feedlots are also tagging sites relative to USDA requirements for animal identification, but most are not. Intact dairy breed cattle, females which are not vaccinated for brucellosis and bulls entering approved feedlots require an entry permit.

Approved Feedlot List

Partial list of approved feedlots in Idaho. A complete list can be obtained by contacting Animal Industries.

Application to become an Idaho Approved Feedlot.

Application to become a Rodeo Bull Lot.

 ISDA system for veterinarians to obtain animal entry permits.