Livestock Markets

Public livestock markets are regulated through Title 25, Chapter 17, Idaho Code, “Livestock Markets.” This law requires that any person conducting or operating a public livestock market must first secure a charter from the Idaho State Department of Agriculture. Application for Charter requires payment of the annual renewal fee of $200 plus a one-time $500 non-refundable Hearing Fee. Renewal fees are due when charters expire on April 30th of each year. Application for Transfer of a Public Livestock Charter requires payment of the $200 annual charter fee and a $100 processing fee (non-refundable). An additional hearing fee of $150 is required if a protest of the transfer is received by ISDA. All fees must be made payable to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture and remitted separately. There are currently 8 chartered public livestock markets in Idaho, all of which are also tagging sites. Livestock markets are responsible for ensuring that all animals leaving their facility are qualified for their destination.
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List of federally approved livestock markets