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Import Permits


 ISDA system for veterinarians to obtain animal entry permits.


Rules, links and documents related to pasture-to-pasture or commuter permits.

Facilities approved to feed special classes of cattle. These facilities renew annually.


Rules governing raw milk production, processing, and sale of raw milk and milk products not intended for pasteurization.

Information regarding licensing and sanitation practices.

Animals which have been determined by ISDA to be dangerous to the people, environment, livestock, agriculture or wildlife of the state.

Information on rules/requirements for Grade A Milk Permitting.

Egg Candlers assign grades and size classifications. Distributors of eggs may require a license.

Information on license requirements for inseminators.

Information on Milk Plant Processing (Cheese, Butter, and ice cream), Grade A Processing Plant and Grade B or Manufacture Grade Processing.

Facilities which can receive cattle without identification and apply tags on arrival

Public Livestock Markets require a charter that renews annually.

Facilities where live fish are produced for commercial sale.

Facilities raising a large number of birds may meet this classification.

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