Veterinarian Services

Although the Board of Veterinary Medicine is the main regulatory agency for veterinarians in the state of Idaho, ISDA does interact with them on a regular basis for several services.
Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs)
The ISDA Division of Animal Industries provides CVIs for veterinarians to issue when animals are moved interstate.  Books of paper CVIs for large animals, small animals, and equine passports can be ordered here or by calling (208) 332-8540.  Additional supplies provided by Animal Industries include saleyard release forms, veterinary prescription pads, and business reply envelopes to remit completed documents. Other supplies for veterinarians can be ordered through the Animal Health Lab or USDA Veterinary Services.
As an alternative to paper CVIs, ISDA does accept the use of the following online/electronic health certificates for animals leaving Idaho:

In addition to the above, Idaho accepts the following for animals being imported:

  • mCVI
  • iCVI
  • eCVI

Veterinary Accreditation
Accreditation is issued by USDA Veterinary Services but the annual accreditation meeting, usually held in the summer, is conducted jointly and held at the ISDA building in Boise.  For questions regarding your accreditation or to obtain your accreditation number, please contact Veterinary Services at (208) 373-1620.
Testing and Vaccination Records
All records for brucellosis vaccination must be submitted to ISDA within 7 days of vaccination.  All records for brucellosis, tuberculosis and trichomoniasis testing are also to be submitted to ISDA.  If you have questions regarding testing costs, contact the Animal Health Lab.