Requests for Public Records

public records request includes, but is not limited to, written documents and electronic files containing information relating to the conduct or administration of the public’s business prepared, owned, used or retained by ISDA. Under the Idaho Public Records Law, Idaho Code §§ 74-101 through 74-120, the public can request in writing to examine or copy these types of public records.

The Idaho Public Records Law relates to the disclosure of information by all state and local government entities. There is a presumption that all records maintained by public agencies are open to the public for inspection and copying at all reasonable times, unless the information is specifically exempted from disclosure by law. The Idaho Public Records Law does not require state agencies to provide multiple copies of the same document.

ISDA keeps and maintains records that relate to many areas of agriculture, All records are centrally located in ISDA’s Boise office. In compliance with Idaho Code section 74-119, the following are guidelines on the subject matter of ISDA’s records, organized by ISDA’s six divisions.

  • Agricultural Inspections: records relating to ISDA’s Warehouse Control Program; Weights and Measures Program; Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Inspection Service, including Phytosanitary Certification for export of fresh fruit and vegetables; and Organic Certification.
  • Agricultural Resources: records related to pesticides, licensing, chemigation, inspections and investigations .
  • Animal Industries: records related to animal disease control; dairy inspections; dairy and beef waste inspections; and rangeland management .
  • Bureau of Labs: records relating Animal Health Lab; Dairy Lab; Feed and Fertilizer Lab; Plant Pathology Lab; Seed Lab; and Idaho Food Quality Assurance Lab.
  • Marketing: records relating to the Department’s marketing activities to promote Idaho agricultural products and records relating to Specialty Crop Block Grants.
  • Plant Industries: records relating to consumer protection through commercial feed, fertilizer and soil & plant amendment registrations; export and phytosanitary certification; pest exclusion; control of grasshoppers and Mormon crickets; noxious weeds; invasive species; hops inspections; nursery, florist & landscaping licenses; and seed enforcement.

While most agency records are available to the public, certain records may be withheld from disclosure due to specific exemptions to public disclosure in the Public Records Law.

An email request may be submitted to, and must contain a name, mailing address, email address and telephone number. The telephone number will be used to clarify the request should there be any questions. In order to ensure that email requests are answered in a timely manner, all email requests must be sent to this email address.

Request to Examine and/or copy Public Records

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Idaho State Department of Agriculture, Public Records Request Act Policy